Wednesday, January 1, 2020

EACF 40 Days of Prayer - January 1, 2020

EACF 40 Days of Prayer 2020
Day 1: A Powerful Habit

"for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." - 2 Timothy 1:7 ESV

Did you know that "do not fear" is the most repeated command in Scripture? It's been said there are over 366 verses that express that sentiment, enough to cover each day of 2020! Paul's words to Timothy in his second letter included in the Bible builds upon his instruction from the first letter with great encouragement in how God has worked in Timothy's life to call him to the work at hand.

God has called us His people, and as His church, the family of faith, we have His promises of presence and power as the Holy Spirit lives and works in us. When we pray we are giving our attention to God's Spirit, and we are called to bring our petitions but also to listen to His leading. Praying for ourselves and others is a powerful habit and activity. It's different from what the Buddhists would call mindfulness because we are actually interacting with God who is outside, above, and around us as an independent and holy Being, but who is near and loving and kind in His dealing with us.

So pray today for this spirit not of timidity but of courage, hope, and power to lift you up today. And each day of these forty days, pray for two (2) others at EACF the same prayer. Write down the names of those for whom you prayed. After forty days you should have prayed for 80 different people. You can even encourage them and send them a message saying you prayed for them today. As we do this, God will work powerfully through our group, bringing us closer together and closer to Him.

This is day 1 of a new powerful habit. Enjoy today with our God!

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