Sunday, August 2, 2020

Recovering Glory Everyday

Sunday, August 2, 2020

This past Sunday's sermon was about recovering glory. While rebuilding our relationship with God is less a formula and more of an art, as it is with any relationship, there are some things that help us to keep our minds on God's glory as we ask God to revitalize our hearts. Here are some things that have been helpful to me, and they may be helpful to you, as we pray for God to rekindle our passion for Him.

1. See beauty
A few months ago, I felt God telling me I needed to notice more beauty, good, and positive things...and that was before the coronavirus hit. So I started a) looking at more art (I'm not an expert but there are some things that I really like), b) spending more time in nature, and c) enjoying more positive YouTube videos of the good moments in life (this can lead to hours of wasting time, so watch yourself!). Only God is inherently glorious and worthy of praise, so everything else that we see that is beautiful is meant to cause us to give thanks to God (see Romans 1, Psalm 19, Philippians 4). Enjoy the beauty, soak it in, and give thanks to God for it.

2. Read the Bible
The most beautiful thing you can ever see, read about, or think about is...God! If you are struggling to wrap your mind around that statement, just let it sink in. While general revelation (nature, mankind, etc.) can hint at God's existence and nature, the special revelation of God's Word teaches us who God is. The Bible is how we encounter the most beautiful, wonderful, good things we will ever know. The Bible is where we encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ - the invitation for us to receive God's free provision of grace to cover our sins and reconcile us to Him. From here, all the promises of God are ours to trust. Let's read our Bibles everyday to encounter the most important and glorious truths of our lives.

3. Praise Him
Responding to something glorious is natural and extends the experience. In relation to God, that means giving Him praise. Sing a song, whether you play an instrument, just use your voice, or sing along with an audio or video recording. Belt it out! Don't praise Him according to your identity, but praise Him according to His identity! Let your praise be God-centered! Give Him everything that is due Him!

4. Repent of sin
How is repentance tied to the glory of God? My friend in college wrote a note asking me to pray that she would be in her lowest (most humble) place so she could see God in His highest place. Repenting of sin is natural when we are in the presence of a glorious God. (It's like how I would feel if I stepped on the basketball court with Lebron James or Stephon Curry - I'm not worthy!) Repentance is simply being humbly honest before God in His holiness and glory. When we humble ourselves, we can then appreciate God's glory more.

5. Tell others
When you encounter something great - a new restaurant, a stirring movie, a great sale - you tell people! It multiplies the experience. When we tell others about God, sharing what we're learning and experiencing, it helps others also taste the glory and goodness of God! Telling others about Jesus also reminds us that our lives are all about Him and His glory, not about us and our comfort. Make His name greater! His name is glorious!

Okay, these are a few quick tips to help us to walk with Jesus and enjoy His glorious presence everyday. God bless you and help you to turn your heart to Him! He is a great God!

- PD

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